Agile 42 Interior

The interior of the Agile 42® HPLC is full custom. The ‘Karma‘, which you see here, has a very contemporary interior, styled by
Eric Kant Design. It’s an ultra-light foam core interior, veneered with teak. The worktops are clear carbon and under the worktops and benches gun metal linings and indirect LED-lighting are giving the interior a luxurious feeling.

The Agile 42® HPLC offers 2 aft cabins and a double bed in the bow, a wet cabin with shower and head and a fully equipped
galley. Needless to say: every single owner can decide about his interior layout and have it styled by whomever he chooses.

The Agile 42® Raw has a minimal interior for a full crew of 8, completely equipped for in- and offshore racing. Full carbon, no
paneling, no doors, simple galley. A genuine racer as you expect it.

Agile 42 High performance Luxury cruiser interior

Interior Agile 42
Kitchen Agile 42
Agile 42 Kitchen 2
Agile 42 Front bed
Agile 42 control panel
Agile 42 Waterballast
Agile 42 control panel
Agile 42 bathroom
Agile 42 sink
Agile 42 sink 2
Agile 42 4
Agile 42 Whole boat
Agile 42 sink
Agile 42 sink 2
Agile 42 Hatches
Agile 42 Hatches 2
Agile 42 Hatches 3
Agile 42 hatches 4
Agile 42 Fridge
Agile 42 Fridge 2
Agile 42 leather look