Archive / May, 2017

The Agile got a nose job!

Last week the Agile 42 got its nose! The boat has got a ‘crashbox’ nose, so that it will not sink in case of a collision. After a major port/starboard collision you can simply put on a new nose and go again!


Hull and deck are ready to get married!

Hull and deck are ready for the next stage of building. First the technical and main interior components will be put in. After that the marriage between deck and hull will take place. We are delighted with the product so far!

Agile® Interior

‘Vanaf januari 2017 is Hi-Tide Yachting officieel importeur en servicepunt van Cantiere Del Pardo waaronder de merken Grand Soleil en Sly yachts vallen. Het merk is niet nieuw voor het team van Hi-Tide omdat For Sail yachtbrokers (onderdeel van Hi-tide) al sinds 2002 sub dealer was van deze merken voor Nederland.’