Agile 42 in Seahorse Magazine

The goal with the Dutch-built Agile 42 was to identify and then deliver a very different type of offer in terms of high performance and quality…
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Agile 42 Featured in Yachting World

Agile yachts is featured in #YachtingWorld this month in the ‘new boat’ section. Next to that we can now announce that there will be a full article about the Agile 42 in the next Seahorse magazine. So everybody run to the store and get the April edition of Seahorse magazine!

Agile 42 in yachting world

Interior pictures of the Agile42 High Performance Luxury Cruiser

The interior of the Agile 42 ‘HPLC” offers complete facilities, but in super light weight. We produce all furniture with cell cores, veneers, superthin sheet metals, carbon and other composites. The styling can be done by the owner, his or her personal designer/stylist or by a stylist from our own network who matches the owner’s taste. This specific interior is styled by Eric Kant Contemporary design.

Agile 42 High performance Luxury cruiser interior

Interior Agile 42
Kitchen Agile 42
Agile 42 Kitchen 2
Agile 42 Front bed
Agile 42 control panel
Agile 42 Waterballast
Agile 42 control panel
Agile 42 bathroom
Agile 42 sink
Agile 42 sink 2
Agile 42 4
Agile 42 Whole boat
Agile 42 sink
Agile 42 sink 2
Agile 42 Hatches
Agile 42 Hatches 2
Agile 42 Hatches 3
Agile 42 hatches 4
Agile 42 Fridge
Agile 42 Fridge 2
Agile 42 leather look

Agile® Interior

‘Vanaf januari 2017 is Hi-Tide Yachting officieel importeur en servicepunt van Cantiere Del Pardo waaronder de merken Grand Soleil en Sly yachts vallen. Het merk is niet nieuw voor het team van Hi-Tide omdat For Sail yachtbrokers (onderdeel van Hi-tide) al sinds 2002 sub dealer was van deze merken voor Nederland.’